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GengXin Organic Garden

Short introduction

This garden plant different kind of plants as well in different varieties of ground, they also plants foreign varieties of plants. They want visitors to feel that human beings have to live together along with plants. With such belief, they work diligently in every piece of lands and dedicated their life for it.


Enzyme-consist food

There are miracle fruit, grapes, plum and many more in this garden. All of the plants will be used to produce enzyme for health, such as fruit enzyme, lemon enzyme, etc. The enzyme is so good for you that have heart disease, and also can heal your hypertension in natural ways!

Organic plant

The whole plant in this garden is using organic farming method insisted of using pesticide and organic fertilizer. In early 2011 they got eligible organic farm certification!

Plant Ecology Tour

They’ve tour for you to walk around their garden and they will explain to you the story of plants and ecology along the way.

DIY activities

Here you can experience and taste of fruit that known as "fruit of happiness" and the mysterious fruit enzyme brewed tour. As the owner is Hakka people so he will teach you how to make Hakka traditional food too!


Miracle fruit enzyme, plum enzyme, dried lemon enzyme, enzyme, handmade enzyme soap.

Our products

Enzyme, tomato, grape’s tree, Brazil cherry, miracle fruit, osmanthus, etc.

Contact us

Tel                   : 08-7551998; 09-37471858

Address           : Pingtung County, Wanluan township, WuGouCunDaLin Road 27-3

GPS location    : N22.5856286 °, S120.6008514 °

Working hour  : 9: 00-22: 00 (require reservation)

Business          : miracle fruit, grapes tree, Brazil cherries, miracle fruit’s enzymes, tree grape’s enzymes, handmade enzyme soap.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GengXinStore

Email               : gail_chiang@hotmail.com


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