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Mingfa Flamingo Park

Short introduction

Red, purple, pink pastel, orange pastel, green, …. Is how we can describe this flower garden that is so colorful. This garden has been planted flamingo flower for more than 20 years, all the seeds are directly imported from Netherlands. The price of the flower is according at the season, so it is a little bit unstable. Some of the flower also exported to Japan too! Amazing!


Passionate flamingo flower

From the first step to this garden you will can feel that different environment that this place offer you, it is like you’re stepping into a flower garden in Netherlands that adapted to the hot and humid weather of Taiwan. With the sunshine flamingo flower will grow smaller so that winter is the best time to buy such kind of flower, flamingo flower do not like sunshine!!!

DIY activities

The owner will teach you how to plant flamingo flower in a pot so that you can bring it home!


Homemade bacon with toast and butter.

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Flamingo flower

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