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XiYangYang Ranch

Short introduction

Do “XiYangYang” have a relation with Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf cartoon? Of course! Because our leading role is the same a GOAT! About 1/3 of this ranch is the main courtyard style garden landscaping. Our best products are all kind food that consists of goat milk. Our restaurant uses our own produce goat milk to produce bread, cheese, hot pot, fresh goat milk, and the most important thing is there is no improper smell from their products. Our ranch is recently adding new activities to our DIY project. The most exciting thing is you can also experience feeding the goats!


Goat-milk products

The restaurant has a goat-themed food, fresh goat’s milk, etc. What is so good is you can know about yourself with the taste of the goat milk that you drink, if your goat’s milk tasted a little bit salty it means you’re a little bit angry right now or you’re lack of sleep at that time, but then if it tasted bitter, it means you maybe got cold! So interesting, isn’t it?

Goat feeding
The tourists can feed our goat with your own hand! The talkative owner will tell you a lot about the ecology of goat, (such as the habit of goat, etc).

Connect the entire ladder in meadow

Criss-cross a section of the ladder, connecting different places, so there is always a wooden ladder ranch. In our farm we provide you beautiful and elegant environment, as well as recreational facilities and outdoor pavilion very suitable for a family time.

DIY activities

Making pizza experience, milking the goats.

(All these activities require reservation)


Goat milk mantou, frozen milk pudding, coffee beans, goat-milk jelly.

Our products

Coffee beans, cinnamon

Contact us

Tel                   : 08-7834824; 0982-839566

Address           : No. 29 of 2 Zhongxing Road, Wanluan township Pingtung County.

GPS location    : N22.5511588 °, S120.6132702 °

Working Hours: Closed on Monday; Tuesday - Sunday: 10: 00-19: 00

Business          : Ecological Farming commentary, tea, dining, dairy.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/happyhappyshh

Email               : a7834824@kimo.com

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