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Hakka WuGou House

The historical house,

people stopped by and wandering,

experience that relate nowadays and past time.


Short introduction

After more than 100 hundred years goes by this house is still sturdy, filled with culture and stories, brick by bricks, door to doors, all you can see are only one thing, history. In 2008, this Hakka WuGou House has been declared as one of Hing Protection asset. This house name is not only a name, other than has it own story behind it. This Hakka WuGou House full name is WuGouShuiSiHeYuanHeXingHuoFang, it means one generation to another that live in this house always rich of wealth and prosperity.



What is unique of this house is, this house has 4 building with different family in each house, and they are sharing the same front yard. So, these four building is square shaped. The other plus point is this house is located in strategic location, so that you will always feel the wind breeze even if it is summer.

Cultural gallery

This house displays a lot of historical things that nowadays teenager should know about it!

Fruit garden tour

This main fruit of this fruit garden is banana. The owner will take to walk around and become a tour guide for you, also teach you how to picking the fruit and tell you the growth process.

House tour

The owner of this house will kindly tell you all the history of this house and give you a free house tour!


Australian tea tree oil, tea tree soap, tea tree shampoo, etc.

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Banana, pineapple, areca nut


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