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JiaJing Bee Farm

Short introduction

Buzzz buzz buzz.... is what will you hear when you arrive this bee farm! Yeps it is the sounds of the honey worker, bees!! They are flying there and here to collect all the nectar from the surronding flower to make honey for them and of course their Queen! With the professional bee farmer you can directly see how the bees are producing their kingdom of honey. Do not worry they will not sting you!


Bee farm

Not like the others farm this bee farm is so special! So what is soecial about this farm is, the owner himself take care all the bees at his arm. He did this to ensure that all of the honey that produced by the bees are the best one! This place is the only place too, where you can standing srrounded by bunch of bee without even being sting by them. Not because you wore that special costum, but because they know that they owner is standing right there! Interesting right?!

Farm tour

Here in this farm is the best place to you to gain a lot of information about bee and honey! The friendly owner not only can speak Taiyu (taiwanese native language) but of course mandarin too!

Our products

Raw honey, flavoured honey, pollen, honey vinegar etc.

Contact us

Tel : 0935059747

Address : Pingtung county, WanLuan township, XinZhi village, XinGuang road 16-3

GPS location : N 22.532849, S 120.609967

Working hour : everyday

Business : honey product, bee farm tour.

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