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XiaoYao Villa

Short introduction

Need some refreshing from the hectic work and city? Back to nature is a good way to soothing you nature from all the stress and works. In this villa you can feel the wind breeze that can help you to release all the stress. This villa is located in the top of the mountain so that you have the city best view during day and night.


Comfy VIP room

This beautiful villa provides several rooms for you and your loved one to spend the night together accompined by the sounds of nature and mountain breeze wind to relax yourself. They also decorate the coridor room to Eurpean style that can amaze you!

Beautiful scenery

What is the best thing to do in the top of mountain? Of course the view of city from the top of the world! You also can chit chating there to kill the boredom in some spot that already provides by them. Trust me you will not know that you already sit there for hours!


You can resist not to have dinner/lunch with the best view of Taiwan from top of the mountain? You can always have that perfect dining with the best view only in this Villa! Visit now or you will regret!

Contact us

Tel : (08)7920222 ; 0928709762

Address : Pingtung county; Taiwu township; Tan village; LaoTan lane 35

GPS location : N 22.590063, S 120.596858

Working hours : everyday

Business : group dining, villa, good-looking scenery, cafe

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